Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Discovery World Wedding | Nadine and Derek

What's the recipe for an amazing wedding?  It all begins with a fantastic couple, Nadine and Derek.

First, you need a beautiful bride, and her puppy, of course.
Bride holding puppy before wedding
Select a gorgeous venue with one of the best views in all of downtown Milwaukee for your wedding and reception by getting married in the Pilot House at Discovery World.
Discovery World
Add a rocking pair of shoes, and a great looking dress.
Pink high heeled shoes with diamondsWedding dress in natural light of window at Discovery World
And don't forget to include a handsome groom in a stylish gray suit.
Groom wearing gray suit with pink tie
Bride with long flowing veil in natural light of window at Discovery World

Bouquet with pink and white flowers and diamond jewels

Bride walking down aisle with father and mother in the Pilot House at Discovery World

Bride laughing and crying during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom sharing first kiss in the Pilot House at Discovery World

Portrait of Bride and Groom with Discovery World in the background

Groom kissing bride with long flowing veil near Discovery World
 It certainly doesn't hurt if the Milwaukee skyline is filled with the most amazing orange and pink sunset right before the Grand March begins.  If you want to talk about being blessed and rewarded with good fortune on your wedding day, seeing a gray sky suddenly transform into something this beautiful, these two photos are a symbol of Nadine and Derek's luck.
Wedding party at Discovery World with orange sunset in Milwaukee

Bride and groom kissing outside the Pilot House with beautiful orange sunset over Milwaukee skyline
 Finally, celebrate the rest of the amazing evening with the Love Monkeys keeping the dance floor full as they jam away.
Bride and groom dancing at wedding with Love Monkeys band playing behind them

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