About Us

VIP is a Milwaukee and Chicago area wedding photography studio providing you with fun group of experienced wedding photographers who will capture your wedding celebration without getting in the way.

We are casual, contemporary, and candid.

Our approach to photography combines photojournalism, editorial, and traditional styles. This blend creates images with genuine expressions and authentic emotions to capture the story of your wedding day.  United with our unobtrusive approach, we tell your story without taking you away from the celebration.

Visual Image Photography was started in 1978.  With our corporate office and lab in Cedarburg, a studio in Wauwatosa, WI, and a studio in Wheeling, IL, Visual Image Photography is glad to be of service throughout this entire region.

Two of the oldest families in the wedding photography business in Wisconsin united to form the Visual Image Photography wedding family.

Joe Cavallo started his photography business in 1938 and Bill Hayes in 1949. With the help of their sons, Bob and Tom, they have photographed over 18,000 weddings in the past 7 decades.

Visual Image Photography has grown over the years, adding several talented wedding photographers to their staff. The years of experience and the blend of distinct styles will be able to cater to your unique wedding needs.