Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Field of Honor

The Field of Honor took place at Miller Park on August 11, 2012.  Here is a look at some of the images captured during this amazing event celebrating the veterans of World War II.  During the salute to the Greatest Generation, a Guinness World Record was set for the largest audience ever screening a movie!  More importantly, over 30,000 people attended and were able to finally give thanks to the veterans and heroes who fought for our freedom and saved the world.

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight worked with Freethink Media to produce a feature length movie that captures the story of a trip to Washington, DC with WWII veterans.  The movie follows four individuals, but truly captures the emotions all veterans experience when they travel to the WWII Memorial, Iwo Jima, and Arlington National Cemetery.  On the return flight, there is a mail call where the veterans on an Honor Flight receive cards and letters from family, friends, and countless other people who want to thank them for their service and sacrifice.  After an exhausting day, the homecoming celebration is a moment that no one who has been there will ever forget.

To learn more about the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, be sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook.

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